Watch Camelot Season 1 Episode 3 - Guinevere

Hey there, the next account of the Camelot TV series is here to bring the fun into next stuff that will make you asked for more. Camelot Season 1 Episode 3 – Guinevere is off to screen this coming April 8, 2011 and it pledges to bring the evening into new height of great entertainment.

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In this upcoming episode, Arthur will be meeting face to face the woman that usually appears in his dreams. When the newly crowned and young prince has finally encountered the girl, he never expected that Guinevere have been existing aside from the truth that she woman appears only on his sleep. With this, he is in doubt of what might be the connection of the woman in his life. Meanwhile, in the rightful and legal crowing of the king of Britons, Morgan and King Lot have devised a new plan that will lead the downfall of the newbie ruler. However, with the aid of Merlin, the two can’t make it easily knowing that Merlin has also that special power that could suppress the witchcraft of Morgan Le Fay.

The airing of the Camelot Season 1 Episode 3 – Guinevere is also bringing the climax as we are about to witness the scene that we usually read in the fiction books in our childhood years. In the search of the fit sword for the new king of the land, Merlin took Arthur to that legendary rock where there is a buried sword and it is said that only the most worthy can draw it without effort. Of course, we knew that King Arthur has made it at the end.

Watch Camelot Season 1 Episode 3 online here at on the airing date and make the night to relaxing for you to have the best watching experience of the upcoming account.

Camelot Season 1 Episode 3: Guinevere Synopsis

Sir Kay and Sir Leontes seek out a trusted new warrior to join them. On the other hand, Arthur and Merlin accept an invitation to join Morgan at her castle for dinner. Meanwhile, Arthur is forced to concede defeat in his pursuit of Guinevere.

The two previous episodes of Camelot Season 1 was indeed a great success because it immediately grabbed the attention of the audiences and captured their hearts.

Watch Camelot Season 1 Episode 3: Guinevere online at on its schedule for airing on April 8, 2011. On last week’s episode of the historical fantasy drama TV series, Arthur was so happy and mesmerized when he met the girl of his dreams: Guinevere. In other news, however, King Lot and Morgan joined forces and worked together in attacking Camelot and take the throne. It was the beginning of the never ending battle in Camelot. In order to prove his worthiness as the king of the land, Merlin convinced Arthur to reclaim the legacy sword in the stone.

Nothing can stop Camelot from being the trending season of the year even if it only aired its first two episodes. No one seems to can’t get enough of the combined story of King Arthur, the young and powerful sorcerer named Merlin, the wicked and ambitious half sister of Arthur named Morgan, and the Knights of the Round Table. After King Uther’s death, Camelot is to rise again, but this time, with King Arthur as the new King. We’ll see what happens to Camelot n the new king’s reign.

What do you think will happen to Episode 3 of Camelot now that King Arthur and Guinevere have finally met? If you can’t wait anymore that you want to know what will happen next, let me give you a brief overview to ascend your excitement even more. On the upcoming episode, Merlin will go on a quest for a sword fit for a king and starts by trying to track down a legendary armorer. It seems like Guinevere inspired him too much that he surprisingly undergoes a dramatic change after having a conversation with her, resulting for him to become more assertive, especially in his dealings with Leontes. Get hooked on Arthur and Guinevere’s love story as you watch Camelot Season 1 Episode 3 online.